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Jan 25 2023

I officially swore an oath to represent you in the august House of Parliament


1. Distinguished Constituents of Yendi, two years ago today, I officially swore an oath to represent you in the august House of Parliament after your historic endorsement of my candidature in the 7th December, 2020 Elections. 

2. I would like to thank the rank and file of my party-the NPP, members of the Constituency, Opinion leaders and Chiefs for the abiding support I have enjoyed over the past two years in my quest to represent and advance our various and collective interests and aspirations. 

3. Over these past 24 months, I have been working very hard despite some clear challenges and hurdles to make you -my constituents- better off than they you were before I came into office. Together with the your support, prayers and hard work of my team and the favour of the Almighty Allah, we chalked numerous achievements for the Constituency.

4. Dear constituents, sisters and brothers, I am largely aware of the work we have to do so that we can instill hope and give our people good living-whether it is our industrious mothers, the youth, children, the farmers, the students etc. For this reason, I am re-energized and more determined in my desire and ambition to build the New Yendi City where Constituents feel the impact of my presence in the House in their daily lives.

5. During the past two years of my first term as MP, we have undertaken a range of projects, programmes and activities for the Constituents single handedly, through positive partnerships and by President Nana Addo led administration. 

6. Fellow Constituents, a brand new year is here with us and we have a bright hope for a great future. In this 3rd year of my first term, we are forging ahead with faith in Allah, fortitude and industry to build on the achievements of the past year. We are not done yet. We will work harder to achieve further and lasting improvements in all sectors. 

7. My  pledge has, is and will always be to do everything within my reach  to make Yendi a better place. Let’s recommit our energies and focus on those that bind us than those that break us. Thank you once again for the unalloyed support. 

God bless us all, Yendi and our country, Ghana.

Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Hon Farouk Aliu Mahama 

MP, Yendi Constituency

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