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Mar 07 2023

Most Outstanding Politician of the Year, 2023

On 5th March, 2023, at the Northern Excellence Awards, I received a honorary award which acknowledges me as the “Most Outstanding Politician of the Year, 2023”. On behalf of myself, my constituents, my family and team, I thank the organizers for the honour of this award. I am deeply humbled by the Award and I accept the challenge that it imposes on me to continue to lead exemplary leadership hinged on nothing else but development, compassion and people-first. We are resilient people committed to building a confident Yendi which is united and at peace with ourselves. This underpins my individual initiatives to tool our farmers, empower the youth and women, care about their health, and to support the needy schoolchild. I thank the organisers, once again, for the award. It is good to be able to show that standing out for the ordinary people in our society has its rewards. May God bless us all and the peoples of Yendi and Ghana. ~Hon. Farouk Aliu Mahama(MP), Yendi Constituency.