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Feb 01 2023


I joined US Donor Partners, Mission 3:18 and Global Missions to commission an ultra modern Emergency and Trauma Centre(ETC ) at the Yendi Municipal Hospital.

This latest move spearheaded by the global missions and Mission3:18, supported by my office and other stakeholders to undertake this major project in our health care infrastructure in Yendi perfectly sits well with my New Yendi City vision, a vision to aggressively transform the Yendi Constituency to a modern city status that provides progress and development for all.

The Yendi Municipal Hospital and for that matter the new Emergency and Trauma Centre will not serve the people of Yendi alone. It is the prime referral health facility in the entire northern half of the Eastern Corridor of Ghana. The Peoples of Gushegu, Chereponi, Bimbilla, Kpandai, Zabzugu, Tatale, Saboba, Karaga and a hosts of other districts rely on the Yendi Municipal Hospital as a referral center.

Upon the advent of my mandate as Member of Parliament for Yendi Constituency, we set out to reconstruct and build towards a vision dubbed- the New Yendi City. This informed my singular effort to revive, refurbish and re-equip the Yendi hospital Mortuary after the unit broke down for about two decades. When I also had a wind of the need for a new Emergency and Trauma Centre, I immediately got on board and today I am excited about the product of our collective effort. I am overwhelmed by what a community can achieve together if her citizens are united.

As I have maintained, I am committed to work with all development oriented entities, public or private, to build the New Yendi City. We will work to ensure that the relationship and collaboration between these organizations and the people of Yendi will continue to grow from strength to strength for the benefit of our people.

On behalf of the entire people of the Yendi, I wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Global Missions and Resources Centre, Mission 3:18 and all other stakeholders for your kindness and generosity shown us by way of this Emergency and Trauma Unit

Block by block, bit by bit, unit by unit, together, we will transform the Yendi Hospital to an ultra modern status that will serve both the primary and secondary essential health needs of the people in the Eastern Corridor.

~Alhaji Farouk Aliu Mahama(MP), Yendi Constituency.