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Jan 29 2023

The launch of Dagbon Homecoming held at Gbewaa Palace

On Saturday, 28th January, 2023, I enjoyed the pleasure of gracing the launch of Dagbon Homecoming held at Gbewaa Palace, Yendi by Dagbon Forum, an ethno-guild aimed at fostering unity and promoting development in Dagbon.

Addressing the gathering, I emphasised the need for every citizen of Dagbon across the world to help build partnerships and healthy collaborations to earn the progress we all want to see. We have to work together to assert our role in the direction of our own affairs, our children and children's children.

DAGBON today is at a midcourse. It is a DAGBON in transition from the DAGBON of yesterday to the DAGBON of tomorrow. Even as we are here today, we move from the past to future. The task, on which we have embarked, the reconstruction of Dagbon, is challenging but when we act collectively, we shall shape and mould a future that will have posterity judge us fairly. We can do a lot together.

I however noted that the event will not be yet another platform for flowery speeches and mere words but a time where action will accompany the word. I called upon the garhering that we now start on the real work to encourage colleagues to come home and support. It is in our hands to build beneficial partneships to create and develop a new Dagbon for which all of us are anxious to achieve.

Hon.Farouk Aliu Mahama
MP, Yendi Constituency.